Phyllis Blans handmade miniature "Sur La Table" store,
made by her sister Leonie Sutherland - April 11, 2006
San Carlos, CA
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For my birthday, my sister Leonie hand-made this miniature "Sur La Table" store for me.
This was a true labor of love, as it took over 3 months to complete. I was overwhelmed
when I unpacked the box and as Craig and I took the pictures of all the pieces, I was
simply amazed at all the work that went into it. These pictures can only give you an inkling
of the beauty and detail that Leonie put into my special example of Sur La Table, but they
can give you at least a glimpse into my favorite "brick-n-mortar" store in the world!

The front of the store, showing a glimpse of the goodies inside!
Open the magic door and enter "Sur La Table"
The room box is approx. 12" wide by 9" deep by 8" high.
(In metric, that's about 35cm wide by 23cm deep by 20cm high.)
This is the inside wall, featuring a self-cut window (vs. a pre-cut
window), a curtain box made of scrap wood, covered with paper
towel padding and then fabric, a towel hanger with 2 kitchen
towels, a framed pictureand 2 decorative plates. The plates
are made from clay. The picture is downloaded from the
internet and framed.
An overview of the entire store. There's a baker's rack in the back,
a granite shelf unit in the back and a 5-tier shelf on the side.
The granite table and 5-tier shelf were hand-made.
The table in front has a place setting and additional
dishes in the box below.
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